Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

I decided to try an 18 mo. outfit on Bryson that his grandma Sweetie got him.

Mom and Bryson just chillin' by the river watching Daddy kayak.

Elizabeth Mashburn, (Brent's wife) with Bryson and their son, Mathew.
Brent Lives in St. Anthony, ID Just north of Rexburg.

Happy Family by Mesa falls near Island park, ID

Bryson fell asleep after a long day of harrasing Jennifer.

Happy Boy!


Mmmm, my favorite, Slobbered on left hand.

Dad couldn't put up with bryson's fussyness, so he was forced to sit on his hands. he calmed down pretty quick.

Bryson in his cute little turtle hat ready to go to yellowstone.

We went to South Dakota to se Jen's Grandparents and other relatives. We got to go see some fun sites like this one.

Wazz up?

Just havin' fun in my swing.


that's a cute picture!