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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall time!

for some reason the blog editor is not showing the pictures, so I will just explain them all here. we recently painted our deck, it has been needing it since we moved in. I think it turned out very well. Miles has started eating solid foods and makes a funny face every time we feed him vegitables. I finally finished my trailer. Wade and I took the M-37 off road for an afternoon and got it there by pulling it on the trailer. We had a blast. Jen and I got to borrow her aunt's boat on labor day. we took it to Jordanelle res. and went fishing with the kids. all we caught were itty bitty fish. I grew giant pumpkins in our back yard this year. they didn't get huge due to a hail storm that completely destroyed all of the pumpkin leaves. oh well, maybe next year they will be bigger. our biggest one was 82 lbs. Miles got a kick out of the pumpkins.