Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bryson just loves the kitchen. when he can find something new, he opens it up and loves to find out what's in it.
this time he found powdered sugar.
like I said, Bryson loves the kitchen. he found a quiet place in the pantry.
can you say cheese?

Bryson loves to dance to the music we listen to when we clean the house.

Bryson dances on the bed

trip to Washington

We went up to Washington to go to my grandmother's funeral. We also got to spend time with Grandma Honey and Grandpa on the boat.

We sailed to Blake Island and spent the night. Mom and bryson swang over a big puddle.
Silly grandma saw that it was raining hard outside and decided it was the perfect time to go scrub down the deck. needless to say, she got soaked.

This is what the rain turned into. major Hail storm.