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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Autumn leaves

Some of you may remember last year's fall post. Bryson did not enjoy playing in the leaves much last year.
This year, we couldn't keep him out of the leaves. he wanted to jump in them, walk through them,
lay on them,
and be buried in them. anything to do with leaves, he was all over it. needless to say, he was very sad when I scooped up the pile and put it in the mulch.

I bought a boat trailer! no, I don't have a boat. I'm converting it to a flatbed. I'll post more pictures when I'm done with it. I'm going to use it for hauling anything and everything including the Power Wagon when I'm done with it.
I was outside watching Bryson and two kids we were tending for a friend. I turn to help one of the other kids with his tricycle and bryson hops on his power wheels dump truck and climbs the wood pile. He's already turning out to be an off-road junkie like his dad.