Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's Thanksgiving. and you know what that means. Yup! it's time again for the annual off roading extravaganza! we had three trucks show up this time. Timmy Joined Wade and I this year. Spencer tagged along in Timmy's Burban.

It turns out that Timmy's burban has a limited slip rear end. he showed it off by climbing this rock.

after climbing some hills and some rocks, we went and found a little mud puddle to play in.

we had to use Wade's truck to pull Timmy out.

Bryson has a new friend to play in his cardboard house. Kirsta came over to play when her mommy came to work on the ward Christmas party dinner. I asked Bryson to give Kirsta a hug and Kirsta gave Bryson a big bear hug.
Bryson got to try on his Thomas the train slippers before Christmas. he liked them a lot.

It snowed about 4 inches over the weekend and we're expecting at least 4 more on Monday. I decided to take bryson out to play in the snow for his first time. like everything new outside, he doesn't like it at first. He's still not used to it. He doesn't like to walk in it at all.