Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Towers and Trains

Bryson and I like to make towers. Well, I like to make towers, Bryson likes to knock them down

This was the tallest one we could make. We used every block we had. My goal was to make it to the ceiling. We got pretty close. Time to get more blocks!

Bryson likes to make big messes!

Bryson used to line all his trucks up like a train. He would do this with most anything. Now that he got a train set for his Birthday, he plays with that instead.

Thomas the Train

Bryson is obessed with trains, especially Thomas the train. We got to go to Heber with some friends and see him. He took us for a ride.

Bryson know the names of pretty much all of the engines. It amazes me because there are quite a few of them. I have finally learned most them too. It became a neccessity. Bryson would want to watch a certain engine do a certain thing on his dvd, and I wouldn't know what in the world he was talking about. I am sure you can imgine how mad he got.

Well, that was fun. I think I am finally getting the hang of this posting thing. Now I just have figure out how to post under my own name.
So, I am having trouble getting things to upload in the right order. I am trying to figure this out on my own, but I quess will have to have Joel help me later. Here is a few more: Bryson loves to watch himself on the video camera. We are going to wear it out.
Bryson found a pen and drew all over himself. It is hard to disipline him when he is being so darn cute.

One of Bryson's favorite pasttimes is playing outside and helping daddy in his shop. This day he found a nice dirty puddle to jump in.

I just though this was cute. I have a really hard time picking what pictures to post.

This is how Bryson helps me cook.


This is Jen posting for the first time. I decided that I better learn how to so this so that we can post more than once every six months. I decided to add some more pictures to catch up on the last six months. Here we go!
I was cooking dinner one night. Bryson grapped some celery of the counter. I just let him take it and to my great delight he spent about 20 min shredding that celery. I got to make dinner in peace.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bryson's Birthday

Bryson got a Thomas train set for his 2nd birthday. he was so excited when he got it, he completely ignored everyone for several hours and played quietly. Here was his reaction when he recieved it.

Jen and I made a Thomas the train birthday cake for Bryson. I think it turned out pretty good.

Daddy helped him get a little messy while eating his cake.

Bryson and his friend Kirsta got to go to Wheeler Farm and see all the animals. Bryson always talks about how he fed the "ducks". These geese were happy to get fed too.

They got dirty. Not sure how.

We got to go up to Plain City on Memorial day to visit Jen's Grandparent's grave site and their old family farm. Here, Bryson's Grandpa Robson is showing him the old tractor.

My Brother-in-law backed into the van with his Prizm. Bryson helped me fix the rear bumper.

He found holes to put the clips in so I had trouble finding them when I was putting the bumper back together. the trunk was caved in a bit, so I had Jen work the winch on the Power Wagon while I set the hook and we pulled the trunk back out and the lid actually opens and closes how it should.