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Sunday, July 13, 2008

bryce canyon

Bryson got in a fight with the cement and the cement won. We went up Mill creek canyon with friends and Bryson tripped and landed on his face on the cement. He split his lip open and scraped up the side of his face.

at our campsite in Bryce canyon, Bryson had fun chasing chipmunks, getting into trouble and eating dirt.

Our family on a hike to see a waterfall and a mossy cave.

I found a couple of lizards basking in the sun and I caught one for bryson to see. they're quick little buggers. bryson liked holding it too. it squirmed away quick when bryson was holding it.

Mommy and Brson waiting for the shuttle to take us to the different stops in Bryce canyon. He doesn't normally let us put a hat on him. He apparently doesn't mind it when we are outside.

Dad and Bryson on a hike in Bryce canyon.
Scenic view at Bryce
another great view. Those rock formations are called hoodoos. they are formed from millions of years of water soaking into the rocks, freezing in the winter and breaking off pieces. the reason they form these spires is because they are covered by a harder more durable layer that does not let water penetrate the lower more brittle layers. Bryce canyon has the highest concentration of hoodoos of any part of the world. pretty cool, Huh Joel?

on our hike, Bryson got tired and fell asleep in the backpack. I carried him about two miles while he was sleeping.