Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

This is our new home. we will be moving in around the 17th of December. two car garage in front.
My shop in the back.
it's a split level with three bedrooms.
nice back yard complete with orchard, garden, and shed.
very nice deck with a shade tree.
We're very excited to move in and make some changes to make it our own.
This is what Wade and I did thanksgiving morning instead of playing "fooseball" with all the neighborhood boys. This is his new toy. a '97 Dodge Ram.
Bryson has recently learned to roll over. first from front to back, then with in the last couple days, from back to front. he really has to have something he really wants just out of reach to do that though. Jen told me that he has done it a few times while I was away at work. I hadn't seen him until I was playing with my new impact wrench on the floor next to him. he just had to see the new toys, I mean tools.
happy family!
this is Bryson's first tool. a 1/4 inch socket wrench.
I wonder what this tastes like.
These are just pictures of when I dressed Bryson up all schnazzy for church.

I even combed his hair.
Within the last month or two, Bryson discovered his feet. he enjoys them as much as any of his toys.

My new project

There is a 1963 Military Dodge Power Wagon in the back yard of the house we are buying.

Jen Gave me permission to buy it. It's got a lot of the original equipment on it including a PTO winch on the front, benches in the bed to carry personel, and blackout lights on the front for convoys.
I'm excited to work on it. It's going to look great when it's finished.

These are pictures of what it's supposed to look like.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I couldn't get Bryson to stop crying, so I wrapped him up in a blanket,set him on the couch and he went right to sleep.
after bath time with mr. froggy man.

Mommy and Bryson learning how to sit up on his own.
Oh boy it's cold and wet out there.

Mom and Bryson came out to watch dad work on the car.

What do you want?

Someone in the ward gave us this car and Bryson loves it
Look mom, no hands!
cutie pie!
Bryson trying out his hoodie.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

I decided to try an 18 mo. outfit on Bryson that his grandma Sweetie got him.

Mom and Bryson just chillin' by the river watching Daddy kayak.

Elizabeth Mashburn, (Brent's wife) with Bryson and their son, Mathew.
Brent Lives in St. Anthony, ID Just north of Rexburg.

Happy Family by Mesa falls near Island park, ID

Bryson fell asleep after a long day of harrasing Jennifer.

Happy Boy!


Mmmm, my favorite, Slobbered on left hand.

Dad couldn't put up with bryson's fussyness, so he was forced to sit on his hands. he calmed down pretty quick.

Bryson in his cute little turtle hat ready to go to yellowstone.

We went to South Dakota to se Jen's Grandparents and other relatives. We got to go see some fun sites like this one.

Wazz up?

Just havin' fun in my swing.


that's a cute picture!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sleepy Bryson

Mr. funny face

One of Bryson's first baths at home.

Sleepy man.

Bryson and his second cousins, Isabelle and Megan. Bryson has gotten so big now that when these girls want to hold him, it's like an adult trying to hold a 15 year old like a baby. He's just too big for them.