Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thursday night at around 9pm, Jen started complaining about having contractions 5 min. apart. she wasn't sure if we should go in or not, because she was induced last time and wasn't sure what labor contractions felt like. the contractions continued and according to her, they were intense and painful. I told her that I needed to get some sleep at around 11pm. Whether we were going to the hospital or not, I felt that some sleep would be nice. I fell asleep and 15 min. later she said that Christy and allen were coming over to watch Bryson and we were going to the hospital. I couldn't sleep after that. I got up and got dressed and packed. we left and got to the hospital around midnight. Jen got the epidural, and Miles came at 2:54 am. Miles was 6lbs. 13oz.

He looks a lot like Bryson did, but he is a lot more layed back. He is a lot quiter than Bryson was. He sleeps a lot more too.

Mommy and baby after birth.

close up!

Can you tell we were up all night? really? what gave it away?

Bryson came to visit his baby brother that morning and he kept saying "he's so cute!"

He wasn't really sure what this all meant. you could tell he wasn't thrilled to be replaced.

But Bryson missed us!

for how much Miles sleeps, Jen didn't get much sleep that day. Nurses kept coming in and asking questions and taking mesurements and poking and proding.

We can tell when Miles is hungry, he smacks his lips and sticks his tounge out.

I've been busy making things (as you will see in this post and the next). this is a trinket that I made for the Young men/young women's fundraiser auction. Flowers growing out of a horse shoe.

Bryson grew out of his crib a while ago, so we decided it was time for a big boy bed. I borrowed measurments and tools from my friend Wade, and this is what I came up with.

I just made the same bed twice and used dowels to connect the two. now Bryson and Miles will have a bed to sleep in.

Bryson absolutely loves it!

I grew a big beard over the last few months and this is what I had for a few days before I shaved the whole thing off. a lot of people at work and church did a double take. they weren't sure who they were looking at. I enjoyed seeing people's reactions.