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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Time!

we woke up one morning and decided to listen to some Snow Patrol on our ipod. bryson let me hold him and bounce to the music. after a while he became entranced and just hugged me for several minutes. needless to say, mommy was very jealous. If you know bryson at all, you'd know that he's not very cuddly.
we had some friends over to carve pumpkins before halloween.

Bryson had some friends to play with in his new carboard box house. Hunter and Hailey.

It's Halloween time and someone decided to dress up as his favorite animal.

He loved barking and panting all night long.

he was very courteous. every time he got to pick his candy at the door he said thank you. he knows how to say trick or treat now, but he rarely said it at the doors.

I caught Bryson playing with his boots. he would walk around with one on each hand and just babble like he was having the greatest time. I couldn't get him to put both on for the picture.

Bryson just loves balloons. he'll spend an hour just playing with them if you let him. you can hear him saying "Biiiiuuuuuns" for Balloons and "up up aaay" for up, up, and away!