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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back in June (I think) we went up American fork canyon with our friends, the Stinsons and we enjoyed nature for 2 or three days. We didn't bring a ladder, so I was the next best thing for stringing up a tarp for shade/rain cover.
Hailey and Bryson trying to keep warm before breakfast.
In July we went up to Washington to go to my highschool 10 year reunion and also a Hall family reunion. We had fun at both. I was given an award at the high school reunion for being the best dancer. this is a picture of the cousins after sunday dinner at Grandma's house.
In August We got to go to Missouri with My Parents and two of my siblings and their families. We started in St. Louis at a Reliv convention for Mom's Justin's, and Thelesa's businesses. after that was done, we rented cars and went to Jackson county were we saw the liberty Jail, Adam-Ondi-Ahman, the Community of Christ's temple and the Liberty visitor's center. I was very moved spiritually when we walked into the room where the Jail is. It felt like God had touched the ground there and there was definitely something special about that room. The Guides kept saying how important the revelations were that were received there. they were some of the most poignant revelations given in the history of the earth.
this was the sign by the road. this is really in the middle of nowhere and you have to know where you're going or have a GPS that accepts coordinates. luckily we had a GPS.
This is Grandma sitting in front of the field with the grand kids where it is all supposed to happen.
Jen and I in front of Adam-Ondi-Ahman
Bryson and Lauren (Justin's Daughter) on the covered wagon at the Liberty visitor's center.
We grew pumpkins this year in our back yard on the upper level. one of the pumpkins decided it liked hanging three feet off the ground on the neighbor's side of the fence. hopefully our neighbors won't mind us coming over to get it when it's ready.
We had our friends from collage come over and visit because Dan and Valerie were home for a visit from school in Prague. I showed off my truck and the kids all wanted to go for a ride. so we went around the block. Dan and Val's oldest son Vincent was concerned and kept saying "Daddy, there's no roof." I thought that was cute.

It was my birthday on thursday and I just wanted to mow the lawn and finish my present to me so Jen let me work in the shop for a few hours and this is what I came up with. I got a welder with the $ from the stimulus check we got last year. I love welding things and creating new things out of metal. I find all sorts of stuff left behind by the previous owner in the shop and the shed. I have used a lot of the stuff already and have yet to find uses for other things, but I always have fun using them. I actually found a complete chevy 350 engine in the shed all torn apart. I'm currently trying to sell it, but if I can't find a buyer, I'm probably going to use it on a future car/truck project.