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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting ready for summer!

Jen's mom decided to splurge this year and buy the boys a play set for Bryson's birthday.
It took me a full week to put together. I worked on it every day after work and almost two entire Saturdays. I got some help from Wade and my dad the first Saturday. Lots of pieces to keep track of!
one day while I was working on the play set, Bryson decides to disappear. I call around looking for him, I hear him respond, but I can't see him. then I see his head pop out of the upper garden. he was playing in the hole I dug for the sprinkler.

funny kid!

for Bryson's B-day we went to chuckie cheese's with the family. He and Jen's cousins had a blast.

Miles likes bath time much more than Bryson did when he was a baby. Miles hardly makes a peep through the whole experience. Miles has been relatively more easy going than Bryson was in general.



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Heather said...

Super jealous of the play set! We want one for the kids in the worst way. Enjoy the new toy!

Kat said...

The play set is awesome! I'm so jealous that you have a yard to put it in too. I can't believe how big Miles is. Why do they grow so stinking fast. Lily thinks his name is Smiles.