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Sunday, January 9, 2011

We went Bremerton for Christmas to visit Grandma and Grandpa. there the kids got to play with cousins and open presents and be with the grandma and grandpa they don't get to see very often. Bryson got the present that he has been asking for months. Pop the pig. you roll the dice, pick a burger of the same color and find out what numper is on the bottom of the burger, feed it to the pig and pump the pig's head as many times as the burger said. eventually the pig's tummy gets so big, his belt pops open and his arms pop up. Bryson loves that game. We decided to get a dog. I wanted a dog that would want to be excersized every day. I definately picked the right one. Weimaraners are notorious for their overabundance of energy. His name is Gunner and he is a very smart dog. he's only 15 weeks old and I taught him 3 tricks in two days. He will sit, Shake hands, and lay down. He has had a few accidents on the carpet, but he is learning potty training very well. When I first met him, he ran out the door of the owner's home and stayed right by me. I totally expected him to go running out into the street and do his own thing for a while, but Weimaraners aparently love being around any human and don't like to go off on their own much. Some of you may remember the dogs on sesame street dressed up like humans doing human things with their human hands. here are some videos if you don't remember.


Marco Aurélio Máximo said...

Hi Bro.... nice pics. Keep posting.
I also have a blog. Maybe it can help you keep practising your Portuguese.
Go visit

BTW, I'm planning to go to US again on 2012, I'll give you more details when the time comes.

Heather said...

Yeah! You went home for Christmas... I'm super jealous. I am so homesick right now I could die. I'd give my left arm for 20 minutes in Poulsbo right now. Arg!

So, new dog? Very pretty coat. We have been dying to get a dog ourselves... except, we want a boxer. It has to survive our son after all!

Can't believe how big your boys are already.

Your folks both looked great - even Ken from the side. Thanks for posting fun pictures and glad you had a good Christmas!

The Halls said...

Yay for new blog posts! Puppy's cute! Kids adorable! You guys look great!!! Wish we could've been there for Christmas. Good job keeping up with pictures . . . they don't get any smaller as they grow up, do they? Miss y'all!!!

Danny Brand Jr. said...

You guys are looking great.
Good luck with the pup. We're debating about when to get a new dog. Our golden retriever died in August, just short of her 15th birthday. Not sure if we have enough energy to train a new one.