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Friday, January 1, 2010


Merry Christmas and happy New Year everyone! It's been a long time since I've blogged, but I've been really busy. December was a busy month! Here's our latest family picture. included in Jen's Belly is our soon to be latest addition, a baby boy 6 months in the making. Yippee!
Bryson can't stand loud noises like the vacuum, egg beater, and Dad's power tools. when we are using one of said Items, he hides in the closet and covers his ears. He has always had really sensitive hearing. Bryson found the newest easiest way to shed your skin in seconds flat. it's called the treadmill. He got his hand stuck in there and Jen had to shut it off quickly and rescue him.

He wore a bandage for about 3 weeks. He didn't like to do anything with his hand when we took the bandage off.

Bryson started potty training this week. He's so excited to wear his big boy undies!

Grandma Honey gave him these Thomas P.J's for Christmas. they are really nice!

The boys and I got to go out Christmas eve morning to play in the snow. We had a lot of fun slipping and sliding everywhere. Wade was the only one who had problems. he broke his axle. don't worry, we already fixed it and he's ready for more.

This was the white elephant gift that I gave at the Robson family Christmas party. I spent a few hours on it the night before and just used nuts and bolts and spare parts I found lying around. I think It turned out pretty good.


Rebecca Brand said...

What a CUTE family picture! I loved your white elephant gift. I want one just like it! :) We love you guys!

The Halls said...

Gosh, he's HUGE!!! . . . er, Bryson, that is . . .

>ahem< Anyways, we love the pictures. So sorry Bryson's arm was hurt! Hope it's better now. Jen, you look great! We're thrilled for another Hall boy!!! They always turn out so handsome! And he'll probably LOVE loud noises! Miss y'all. <3

Shleen said...

I want a nativity in the same style please! I'm placing my order for next Christmas! I'm so not kidding too. Cute pics! Thanks 4 sharing. Miss you brudda. Love your buns. Shleen

Heather said...

Congrats on another Boy, guys!! Bryson is so adorable - love the pictures of him in the new PJs - but not so much the war wound. OUCH! So glad he healed from that one fast. I can't imagine the panic.

Joel, we totally dig the sleigh - do you take orders? We collect Nativities and one like that would be super cool. Let us know.

Congrats again!
The Bratts

Kat said...

Oh my heck your boys are so stinking cute. I can't wait to hold the little guy in May. I had to laugh at the sensitive ears thing because Lily is the same way. She runs to a different room and plugs her ears. She loves to roll her window down in the car but then the noise is too loud so she plugs her ears the whole time. What silly children we have. Also the bunk looks awesome Joel, holy cow.